Celestial Press & Publishing House

Branding & Editorial Design

Celestial Press is more than a publishing house and poetry press, it's a place of creativity, spirituality, and growth. Their branding reflects these core values with organic, hand-done textures and patterns paired with elegant typography in a dreamy color palette. In contrast to the bold celestial artwork, the crisp, elegant typography brings a minimalistic and clean feel. At Celestial Press, a team of seasoned artisans will listen and turn your idea into a reality. No project or idea is too big. Stop by to make some magic happen.

*This project was awarded Top Talent in the 2019 Adobe Design Achievement Awards

Created, styled, and assembled company concept, branding, and products (including all visuals and body copy)

made using

~Adobe Photoshop
~Adobe InDesign

A Peek Into the Process

Below you can find my development work for this project, including thumbnails and sketches from various stages in the process.